Saturday, September 22, 2012

Week 2 Has Been Better

Elder Clayton had a much better week this week. Thank you to all those who have expressed love and support it really makes a difference. Many questions were asked when we replied to his not so pleasant and somewhat depressing e-mail last week. Yes, he finally told me about his companion and the food! I'm excited to share his thoughts on the subject.

The following is parts from Elder Clayton's e-mail, most of which answer questions that have been asked. Enjoy!

"First, How does Church work here? and How are Sundays?  Well Sundays are probably the best day of the week here.  It's all English all day which makes it so nice.  First thing in the morning after breakfast we go to Priesthood for an hour (Sisters go to Relief Society).  Then we have Study time until lunch. After lunch we have Sacrament. and after that it's basically Study time all the way to the Sunday Night Fireside."

"Hows the food?  The food is actually really good, only thing is it sometimes won't sit very well in your stomach.  But for the most part I've eaten everything they have served me."

"I wanted to thank you guys for you package, the seat cushion by far was the best thing.  It feels so nice!  Also thank you for all the letters throughout the week, it makes time go by a lot faster here.  Also thanks for the emails! :)"

"My companion's name is Elder Manglinong, he is half Filipino.  But he has never been to the Philippines, he's actually from West Jordan.  Funny thing is that his girlfriend was an SBO at West Jordan High, and I know her.  He is a really awesome guy, we got lucky too, out of all the companionships in our district we get along the best.  We are both serving the same Mission."

"On Sundays we get to go and walk around the Temple, which is super awesome.  There are so many Missionary's over there all at once its awesome to find people I know and talk to them.  It can also be weird cause a lot of families also go and walk around, and it's like the only outside people we ever see.  We go at around 3:30 and after I go to Choir.  Oh yes I joined the choir, we sing every Tuesday during the Tuesday devotional."

"The by far worst thing about this place are the nights and getting up in the morning.  So in our room the vent only blows cold air ALL NIGHT!  So we wake up in the morning and it is freezing and nobody wants to get out off bed.  There is no way of turning off the cold air.. :("

"My teachers here are awesome. I have two, one teaches in the morning and one in the afternoon or night.  Our morning teacher is Hermano Angel, he served in Ecuador.  He's been home for about a year and he's really a fun guy.  Our night teacher is Hermana Olsen, she served in Johns mission.  She is super nice too."

It's time for pictures from Elder Clayton! He actually managed to send me a sentence on what each of them are so now we don't have to be confused we can have a bit of clarity.

His district all going to Leon

Ryan and his companion

Ryan showing us Leon on the map
As you can see this week has been much better for Elder Clayton. Please continue to keep him in your prayers. I'm going to clarify something from his e-mail that you might be confused about unless you know him personally. John is our older brother who served in the Kennewick, WA mission, from October 2002-2004.  If you ever have a question for him or you just want to drop a line and say hi please feel free. I know he would love it and I know he will do his best to respond.

Address and E-mail

Elder Ryan James Clayton 
MTC Mailbox # 302
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793

God Be With You Till We Meet Again...

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