Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Weeks 12 & 13

Okay so it's totally my fault that these two posts will be combined I have had a busy couple of weeks with finals just around the corner and trying to get ready to leave one job and go full time at the other. Elder Clayton is loving Mexico, he is such a great kid and I'm so proud of all he has done. He truly is a great example to my younger nephews and nieces who are preparing to serve missions of their own. So the snippets from both emails will be on here week 12 will be first and then 13, it only makes sense to go in numerical order. Haha have a great time and enjoy what he has to say.

Week 12: 

"So, everything is going good.  So we did nothing for thanksgiving just worked.  Im super excited for christmas thou!  Im excited for you package too!  Lets see had my best meal so far, shrimp tacos, super good!"

"The work is super hard but so worth it!  So there are nuns walking around everywhere so we are going to try and contact them one of these days! haha"

"So, I burnt myself trying to light the stove the other day, that hurt like crazy! haha"

"So, we are teaching a few people are biggest investigator is Isabel she is super excited about the church and she even excepted to be baptized!  Our other big one is Adrian, but he likes to do drugs so we are helping him with that. haha"

"So, this week I am starting a free english class at the church, that will be interesting do to that fact I still can't understand spanish. haha"

Week 13:

"So, it´s getting to the point where im running out of things to email about..  We had a great week, we got 5 of our investigators to church on sunday!  Now two of them have confirmed baptism dates!  Super exciting!"
"So the "gangsters" are starting to get on my nerves, the only English word they know is the F word and they sure love to shout that and "gringo" at me all the time!  It´s funny at times though!"
"Not much more to say nothing super interesting, the whether is super nice still thats about it."

I never realized how much he says "So" he seems to start off almost every paragraph with it. Hmmm... Oh well, so I promise I will be better at posting his emails faster. Also please write him and give him ideas to write home about or these posts are going to become very anticlimactic. Have a great week y'all and as always thank you for the continued prayers.

Address and E-Mail:

Elder Ryan James Clayton 
Mexico Leon Mission
Calle Torre Vieja #128
Col. Arbide
37360 Leon, Guanajuato


God Be With You Till We Meet Again... 

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