Sunday, November 25, 2012

Week 11: Sorry It's Late Been A Busy Week

Elder Clayton being gone is weird. Normally he is the one who puts up the Christmas Tree and decorates the house, but this year he is gone and I was worried that we wouldn't have a tree up this year but low and behold there is a beautiful Christmas tree sitting in the corner of our Family Room. Keep in mind this is the only trace of Christmas you will see in my house seeing as Elder Clayton is responsible for decorating and no one else has the time to do it. Mexico on the other hand is being decorated with his presence which is fantastic he is exactly where he needs to be doing exactly what he wants to be doing. Here are parts of his letter. Enjoy y'all hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving!

"Haha I just read your email, I'm sad to say that you (mom) and Jason Alba are the only ones who wrote me this week.  But it's okay."

"I want to start off my telling you a funny story!  So this story started on Saturday, my companion and some members kept telling me to be ready to share my testimony some time in church, I thought it was going to be in priesthood or something.  Its wasn't a super big deal.  Well, Sunday morning came around and my comp and I were having our personal study and he kept say these three things: "Discurso, 7 minutos, Obra misional"  I didn't fully understand what he was saying so I looked them up in the dictionary, they mean: "Speech, 7 minutes, Missionary Work."  Well I wasn't making the connection between them.  So we were walking to church an hour before it starts, and he kept asking me if I was ready.. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, I had to give a Speech (talk) that was 7 minutes on missionary work in sacrament. haha I started to freak out, there was know way I could give a 7 min talk in spanish.  Anyway it all turned out good, in the MTC each week we had to prepare a 3 min talk for sacrament so I combined two of those talks and gave a somewhat good talk on Faith and Christ and Repentance nothing to really do with missionary work but I didn't care!"

"Haha well onto answering questions you ask in last weeks email, My mission president is super nice, he speaks some English but not a whole lot, so my interview with him was really short haha.  I stayed in the mission home just for one night when I got here.  I have adjusted to the food just fine it's actually really good!  I'm always carrying water in my backpack so that hasn't been a problem yet.  Our area is good and bad, the members are amazing and they are so willing to help the problem is the people, it is very Catholic here and everyone is super strong in it..  The Spanish is okay sometimes, I can understand about 30% of everything people are saying.  And the last question is the only people who write me are you and Robynn from the family."

"So we never really have to make food, in all the missions in Mexico there is a sister in the ward whose calling is to cook for the missionaries so we get food from her everyday.  We have to make are own breakfast though so I just bought a few boxes of trix and eat those everyday.  Something kinda funny there is only one really bread make here and that would be Bimbo Bakery, haha their bread is really good! haha"

"Oh so I can Skype on christmas, but only for 45 min so thats going to suck..  thats about it for this week.."

I unfortunately didn't get to email Elder Clayton I thought about it a lot I just never quite found the time to do it. It sounds like his first experience speaking in church for the first time all in Spanish was a success, there is only one way to go from here and that is up! Haha he will be preparing talks and speaking in church all the time with ease. I'm glad he is liking the food and I'm excited her is out there. I have missed him a ton this week but I'm so proud of him that missing him is getting easier. It'll be really tough once my wedding rolls around then I will really start missing him.... Oh well I need to go write him while I have the time. Have a great Sabbath hopefully next week I will blog before Sunday rolls around.

 Address and E-Mail:

Elder Ryan James Clayton 
Mexico Leon Mission
Calle Torre Vieja #128
Col. Arbide
37360 Leon, Guanajuato

God Be With You Till We Meet Again... 

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