Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Week 10: Week 9 Got Lost In The Transition

He made it to Mexico safe and sound which is a very good thing!! Elder Clayton was able to call on Monday before he flew off to this hot country with awesome food. I was able to talk to him for a minute and before he left I used to tease him with my impressive Spanish speaking skills (basically what I've learned at the bank haha) and when he called he out spoke me on so many levels. I was very impressed and also realized I seriously need to buckle down on learning so when he gets home we can have secret conversations. Just kidding but I do want to improve and continue learning. He sounds so much older which made me miss him but I'm far more proud so it's all for the best. Anyway, that is where week 9's post went he didn't email he called, but he is excited to be there and here is what he has to say about his first week there:

"There's a lot to tell you!  So Mexico is super different!  Its like West Valley times 100.  We get $1,700 pesos each month which is about a $140 USD.  We don't tract or contact in our mission anymore.  We work solely with the members.  Which is super nice.  The people here are amazing!  The food is super good too.  I have learned not to ask what is in the food and to just eat it.  haha"

"My companion is Elder Gonzelas and he is from the Dominic Republic.  Our area is called Silao, and it is a biking area, which is super sweet!  Half the time we are mountain biking on dirt trails and the other half is like biking in New York."

"A few things, Dear Elders still work out here so if you want to send me one go ahead, it takes about a week to 2 to get to me.  Also if you are going to send me a Christmas package send it now!  It takes about a month in a half to get here.  Also with emails to make it so I have more time Im not going to read the emails you send me before I email.  Im going to print them out and read them at my apartment and reply to them next week!"

"The weather he is super nice, it gets to about 90 during the day and about 60 at night.  haha have fun with that Utah weather, its short sleeve for me every day!!"

"So church was interesting on Sunday, we have a branch of about 50 members. And we meet in this teeny house thing..  We also had the Primary program on Sunday, the whole 10 kids did an awesome job! haha"

"So there's everything here you would find back in the states, including Walmart, Costco, Dominos, Blockbuster, McDonalds, ect.  I really could use a Castco card.  haha."

"My president wanted me to inform you about this popular thing called virtual kidnap.  Basically the steel missionaries information call their family and demand a ransom.  If that ever happens (which has never happened in our mission) call the mission home immediately!"

"Anyway, I'm doing super well, and Im lovin' every minute of being out here!"

Ryan and Companion Elder Gonzelas

Church Building

Statue of Christ Like in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
It would appear that he is having a great time on this new adventure. I'm so excited for him and I will have you know that, that purple shirt he is wearing in the bottom picture is the one I picked out that my Mom said he wouldn't like so there you go Mom he wears it, whether or not it's by choice or a lack of clothes I'll never know but I still win. ;) He is doing so well and I'm so happy for him I can't wait to Skype him on Christmas which is only 41 days away! Holy cow it's so close. Keep him in your prayers and thank you for your support. Have a great night guys and please shoot him and email if you get a chance he would love it.

 Address and E-Mail:

Elder Ryan James Clayton 
Mexico Leon Mission
Calle Torre Vieja #128
Col. Arbide
37360 Leon, Guanajuato


God Be With You Till We Meet Again... 

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